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L’Etat, C’est (Pas) Moi: France’s Mystifying Improvement on the Fragile States Index

BY DANIEL WOODBURN Photo by Antoine Schibler  on Unsplash On its surface France may appear to be a country in turmoil, even decline, rocked by regular protests and an increasingly polarized political landscape.[1] Popular discourse of increasing state authoritarianism and declining public services would seemingly place it in the company of the United States under […]

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State Fragility and the Shadow of Genocide in Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia (the South Caucasus)

BY ALEXIS POSTON Photo by Adam Jones In the early hours of 13 September 2022, Azeri Armed Forces launched a shelling attack against Armenian cities and towns along the Armenian-Azerbaijani borders, largely impacting the towns of Vardenis, Jermuk, Sisian, Goris, and Kapan.[1] Reports following the attacks revealed that Azeri forces were not just targeting Armenian […]

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Whiplash in Türkiye: Promise and Fragility

By Ayça Kiriş Photo by Samuele Schirò on Pixabay After 100 years of independence, the Republic of Türkiye is veering toward greater fragility. When the Justice and Development Party (AKP) took power over 20 years ago, Türkiye was emerging as a bulwark of stability in the region. It was consolidating liberal and democratic values, improving […]

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Guyana – A Wellspring of Potential

BY MELINDA ELLINGTON Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash Despite a history of turbulent politics, ethnic divisions, and fractious relationships with neighbors, Guyana has the potential to become one of the biggest success stories of the decade. The discovery of oil fields has flooded the nation with resources that could improve public services, civic participation, and economic […]

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Fragility Revisited

BY PAULINE H. BAKER, PRESIDENT EMERITUS, FFP An editorial cartoon in the May 27, 2023, edition of The Economist depicted a race about to start with four entrants, each represented by a pretzel-like twisted figure in a state of panic.  Onlookers explained it was “a race to determine who’s the most dysfunctional…and all of the […]

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