The Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons Indicator measures the pressure upon states caused by the forced displacement of large communities as a result of social, political, environmental or other causes, measuring displacement within countries, as well as refugee flows into others. The indicator measures refugees by country of Asylum, recognizing that population inflows can put additional pressure on public services, and can sometimes create broader humanitarian and security challenges for the receiving state, if that state does not have the absorption capacity and adequate resources. The Indicator also measures the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) and Refugees by country of origin, which signifies internal state pressures as a result of violence, environmental or other factors such as health epidemics. These measures are considered within the context of the state’s population (per capita) and human development trajectory, and over time (year on year spikes), recognizing that some IDPs or refugees for example, may have been displaced for long periods of time.

Questions to consider may include*:


  • Influx of Refugees: Are refugees likely to come from neighboring countries?
  • Impact of Refugees: Are there resources to provide for projected and actual refugees?
  • Increase in Refugee Camps: Are there sufficient refugee camps or are refugees integrated into communities?
  • Violence against Refugees: Are there reports of violence against refugees?
  • Safety of Refugee Camps: Are conditions safe in refugee camps?

Internally Displaced Persons

  • Number of IDPs: How many IDPs are there in relation to population?
  • Increase in IDPs: Are IDPs likely to increase in the near future?
  • Impact of IDPs: Are there resources to provide for projected and actual IDPs?

Response to Displacement

  • Relief Efforts: Is there access to additional resources from international community for refugees and/or IDPs?
  • Relocation & Settlement: Are there plans for relocation and settlement of current IDPs and/or refugees?


* Indicator descriptions are not exhaustive, and are intended only as an entry point for further interpretive analysis by the user.