The Fund for Peace (FFP) works to prevent conflict and promote sustainable security globally by building relationships and trust across diverse sectors. Founded in 1957, FFP is an independent, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C.  and Abuja, Nigeria.

Our objective is to create practical tools and approaches for conflict mitigation that are contextually relevant, timely, and useful to those who can help create greater stability. Our approach brings together local knowledge and expertise with innovative tools and technologies to help anticipate and alleviate the conditions that lead to conflict.

To date, FFP has worked in over 60 countries with a wide range of partners in all sectors. These include governments, regional and international organizations, the military, non-governmental organizations, academics, journalists, civil society networks, and the private sector. Our projects include supporting grassroots organizations, developing national dialogues, building the capacities of regional organizations, working to prevent gender-based violence, and taking leadership roles in international initiatives.

Combining social science techniques with information technology, we have produced the patented Conflict Assessment System Tool (CAST), a content analysis software product that provides a conceptual framework and a data gathering technique for measuring conflict risk. Annually, we produce The Fragile States Index, a ranking of 178 countries across 12 indicators of the risks and vulnerabilities faced by individual nations.

FFP specializes in building early warning networks and systems in complex environments. Working directly with local and international partners, we collect and analyze local, national and regional data and trends. This information is then made publicly available in order to foster more informed decisions and policy making, as well as better coordinated approaches to peacebuilding. In addition to our early warning work with civil society, governments, and regional bodies from around the world, we also advise companies operating in complex environments on how to ensure they operate responsibly, respecting human rights and promoting greater stability.

Most importantly, in all our work, we focus on building capacity among local actors so they can develop and implement informed and locally relevant solutions. We believe that is key to truly sustainable human security.


FFP provides conflict risk assessment Advisory Services for a variety of clients including governments, multilateral institutions and companies. FFP is able to provide tailored assessments that focus on the regional-, national-, or provincial-level. FFP also provides training programs for policymakers and field practitioners who wish to apply the CAST conflict assessment framework to assess conflict drivers and analyze risk. Further, FFP has assisted some clients in developing specialized, made-for-purpose conflict and risk assessment tools, frameworks, and platforms, such as for organizations that are focused on specific regions, or for investors who seek to better analyze the social, economic and political risks of potential investments.

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