In presenting the Fragile States Index data, we rank the Index’s 12 indicators equally. We do not necessarily believe that the 12 indicators are all equal in importance in every scenario, in every country. However, we believe that weighting the indicators ourselves would be a subjective judgment on our part. So, we would prefer to leave that judgment to you.

With FFP’s new myFSI app, you are now in control of weighting each indicator as you wish. Use the sliders (or arrows, for more precision) for each indicator to alter the indicator’s weighting. You can weight each indicator up to 5x, in 0.1 point increments. If you wish to exclude an indicator entirely, you can weight it zero. You can then compare a country’s trend line based on your own weighting of the indicators compared with the default trendline, where each indicator is weighted 1.0.


Also, scroll down to see how your weighting of the indicators would alter the total score for every country in 2017. For example, if you weight the Cohesion indicators higher, which countries’ scores would improve and which countries’ scores would worsen if those indicators are given more importance?


We hope that myFSI will be the first step in providing a new approach to data analytics and making FSI data even more useful to users. We welcome suggestions on additional tools to add to myFSI that will allow for even better analysis