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Grassroots Reconciliation: Civil Society’s Critical Role in Libyan Peacebuilding

BY ANDY TOMUSIAK AND RAPHAEL MILLER Muammar Gaddafi’s ousting in 2011 ushered in an era of partition and resulted in the creation of a power vacuum in Libya, with a myriad of domestic and foreign armed groups vying for control of Libya’s territory and resources. The resultant surge of internally displaced persons (IDPs), coupled with […]

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Rising Stakes of Fragility in West Africa’s Sahel and Lake Chad Basin Regions

BY JIBIKEOLUWA FABORODE The current situations of the countries that make up the Sahel and Lake Chad Basin (LCB) regions[1] are crucial for the stability of West Africa since they represent half of the sub-continent[2] and have been battling insecurity for years. Despite years of interventions aimed at addressing the myriad of structural issues facing […]

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Breaking the Cycle: Military Coups in West Africa

BY JULIETTE GALLO Rising social and economic stresses have eroded public confidence in institutions of democratic governance around the world.  In many countries, this has led to an increase in riots and protests.  In some countries, this has galvanized populist or autocratic movements.  In West and Central Africa, this has translated into a spate of […]

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Brazil: Distrust and Fragmentation

BY NATALIE SILVEIRA A steady decline in social and political cohesion in Brazil over the last eight years, as measured by the FSI, has created a situation of increasing precarity.  This sharp worsening coincided with a reduction in public confidence in institutions following the 2016 impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff.  As an indication of […]

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Karolina @WujekGadzet in highlights FFP's #CrisisSensitivitySimulator. Thrilled to see folks use our simulation tool to formulate effective responses to emerging problems and in so doing contribute to a more peaceful world.

Please send a Cover Letter, CV, and availability to [email protected] with the email subject line: Summer 2023 Internship - YOUR NAME  by March 15, 2023, 11:59 pm ET in order to apply for the FFP Summer 2023 #internship (The Idealist link is no longer in use)

Consistent with forecast, election fatalities slightly lower than in previous 2 cycles. #NigeriaDecide2023 @PINDFoundation @P4P_NigerDelta Data: ACLED and Nigeria Watch.

Our President and Executive Director, Paul Turner, shares insights on global challenges drawing from his personal and professional experiences. He links FFP’s work on #StateFragility and the role #media and #faith can play in the pursuit of social justice.

A call to peaceful arms, whatever your faith

Across the world, communities are under greater strain than ever, but positive forces within the media and faith organisations can help promote change...

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