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A Booming Economy Will Not Save Us: The US Needs to Deal with its Polarization Problem

BY NATE HAKEN AND SARAH COCKEY If the FSI’s 17-year history is any indication, a global shock comes around about once every 15 years or so. When it does, it presents an opportunity for comparative analysis and forces us to rethink our models or at least to revisit them, as we consider what we mean […]

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A Health Crisis Is More Than A Health Crisis

BY NATALIE FIERTZ As 2020 came to a close, the world looked back on a global pandemic, protests, lockdowns, and economic turmoil. Looking forward to the new year did offer some measure of hope; an array of vaccines had been developed and begun to be administered, but the crisis remained (and remains today) far from […]

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Fragile States Index 2021 – Annual Report

BY NATALIE FIERTZ, NATE HAKEN, PATRICIA TAFT, EMILY SAMPLE, WENDY WILSON, SARAH COCKEY, DANIEL WOODBURN, ANNE-ELÉONORE DELEERSYNDER, ADÈLE DIOP, DANIELLE BATTERMAN, KATELIN REGER, KATHLEEN SMITH, NATOSHA HODUSKI, OLIVIA KRAMER The Fragile States Index, produced by The Fund for Peace, is a critical tool in highlighting not only the normal pressures that all states experience, but […]

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"Germany’s response to the #COVID19 pandemic instilled confidence and undercut the appeal of political extremism. By contrast, in Spain, [far-right]Vox got their second wind."

@DaniBatterman on the nuanced ways COVID is driving politics in Europe #FFP

Identifying local agency in communities on the 'front line' of climate change and fragility is key to addressing vulnerabilities writes @intalert's Jessica Hartog for the 2021 #FragileStatesIndex

Jobs do not = peace. While lack of employment fuels fragility in the Horn of Africa, Elizabeth Kariuki argues for a focus on inclusive economic development that addresses inequity and exclusion in the 2021 #FragileStatesIndex

↗️ United States
↗️ Armenia
↗️ Spain
↗️ Ethiopia
↗️ Romania
↗️ Lebanon
↗️ Argentina
↗️ Belgium
↗️ Azerbaijan
↗️ Peru
Get the full data on the countries with the biggest increase in fragility in the 2021 #FragileStatesIndex:

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